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We started in the inflatables business after Covid in 2021 selling another brand of boat water floats. After 2 years we decided to move on and build our own brand of Sun In Comfort inflatable water floats. We wanted to design a higher quality inflatable water float using the best in Drop-Stitch technology.  We launched our brand in January of 2023 called Sun in Comfort Water Floats, which is based out of Winter Park, Florida. 

Our featured product is the S.I.C. Hex Inflatable Water Float

  1. Hex Inflatable Boat Water Float 8 foot
  2. Hex Inflatable Boat Water Float 4 foot
  3. Hex Inflatable Boat Water Float 12 foot

We have other inflatable products releasing in the near future which includes:

  • Inflatable Dog Water Ramp. June 2023 release date
  • Inflatable Water Chair Float. July 2023 release date
  • Inflatable Tables and Chairs.
  • Inflatable Beach Chairs.
  • Inflatable Water Steps & More to with our premium inflatables

We designed the S.I.C. Hex Inflatable Water Float shape which enables the float to sit flush next to your boat or dock or pool for easy access. Another major benefit is it only takes about a minute and a half with a dual action hand pump to fully inflate it.

All of our water floats use a thicker grade drop-stitch UV-PVC technology which can withstand even the rowdiest guests and waves on the water.

If you’re an avid boat show enthusiast, then you’ll enjoy generous discounts on our products we give to customers who place an order in person. For a list of boat shows we attend go to our front page.


Using our brand floating around you are a floating billboard and people will ask you where you got the float. Well this is when you give them your referral code and you make CASH back. You can make your investment back and continue to make referral cash from $65 - $3,000.00 +

Make CASH Floating around this season!

We look forward with you sharing your photos enjoying our
Sun In Comfort Water Float Brand

          Deron & Beth 

Deron and Beth with sun in comfort water floats perfect for boat floats


Take your water party to the next level!
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