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Sun in Comfort is an outdoor lifestyle brand that offers products for outdoor and water enthusiasts. Founded in 2020 by Beth and Deron, Sun in Comfort aims to provide high-quality, durable products at affordable prices.

The company got its start by selling inflatable water floats before deciding to launch their own brand of floats made with drop-stitch technology. Their floats are designed to be more comfortable and durable than competing products.

Sun in Comfort also offers boating footwear, boating and RV bags, E-bikes, and L'il Sucker drink holders that suction to surfaces to prevent spills.

A key part of Sun in Comfort's business model is their referral program where customers can earn cash back by referring others. As Beth and Deron say, customers can "make cash floating around" on their inflatables by sharing their referral code with others who ask about the product.

Overall, Sun in Comfort aims to provide products that enhance the outdoor experience while giving back to customers through their referral program.
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Call us: (855) 647-4893

Deron and Beth with sun in comfort water floats perfect for boat floats


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