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  • Ergonomically Designed for ladies

Ergonomically Designed for ladies

The Factory Direct of fine Outdoor Furniture 

The Hootie Hammock Chair is Designed for Women! But strong enough for a Man! Sun In Comfort is Ergonomically designed for ladies to lay face down while sun tanning or relaxing by the pool, beach, backyard in comfort! With our Patented Breast cavity area that expands and contracts to accommodate and support varying sizes. 

We are the Original Patented Designer of the expandable breast area design for Woman. Sun In Comfort is a OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer a proud Woman Owned Business.

The Hootie Hammock Beach Chair Line is Wider and provides Extreme Comfort.
Our high-quality beach chair products are a must-have.


 Came from that Ah Ha moment when I no longer wanted to dig holes in the sand! With nothing to be found on the market to support my breast while laying in a prone position to tan my backside I became frustrated. 


Ladies Hootie Hammock is ergonomically design for ladies to lay face down in comfort. With the patented breast cavity that expand and contract to accommodate varying size women while laying in a prone position.


We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality product, we strive for excellence across our entire line. Our products are tested and manufactured to the strictest of guidelines to ensure we are always delivering a great product.  

Keep Your Beach Day Simple And Stylish With The Hootie Hammock Beach Line

OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer for Beach Bags that slides over the back of our Beach Lounger Chair!

Our amazing Beach Tote Bag also slides over the back of most outdoor chairs.

Testimonials WE LOVE Sun In Comfort PRODUCTS

Its about time to see a Woman design a beach chair line for women. I have a beach lounger, But its not comfortable to lay face done on I need comfort for my Tata's. And I cant wait to get my Hootie Hammock beach lounger. 


I love the Hootie Hammock Sand Chair. I spoke with Beth at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. I pre ordered mine cant wait to use it.


I met the owner of this company at a boat show in Florida. When I saw that a Woman designed a beach chair just for me! I feel in love and didn't want to get up from laying on the Sand Chair design. I Pre-Ordered mine on the spot and I cant wait to get it.  


I Pre-Ordered my beach chair at a women's event in Orlando. When the owner was doing a demo & let me lay on the lounger. I new it was for me. This is the best concept beach chair design for women I ever ever seen. 


Beth thank you for making a beach chair that makes since. I mean there are all this regular standard beach chairs on the market and know we can have a chair just for women's comfort. Just for that I pre-ordered mine at the event.


When you explained why you came up with this design at the women's event & said you got tired digging holes. I got it & I was sold! I have gone through the same thing. I'm so glade we meet. Cant wait to get both of my chairs.


I spoke with you at the women's conference expo. And when you showed me your beach chair lounger I feel in love. What can you say built for women its for me. I love the beach and love to tan my back side now I can lay in comfort. Cant wait to get mine. I love to support woman owned businesses. Thank you Beth.


Ok, have to say Shark Tank & I cant wait to get my Soleil Lounger & Hootie Hammock Ladies Deluxe Sand Chair. What great names & great concepts for the ladies! Was great to meet you Beth. See you in Maimi International Boat Show.


Beth this is the best idea yet! After hearing you talk at the women's event and showing how your beach chair works I had to place my order early. I cant wait to get my sand chair. Like some of the other ladies said I love to support women owned business thats why I placed my order at the event. 


Hootie Hammock Soleil lounger

our newest addition to the collection of unique outdoor furniture designed by a Woman for Women! 

Learn More about the Soleil Lounger


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