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  • Hootie Hammock Beach Chair Line

  • Designed by Woman for Women! But strong enough for a Man. by Sun In Comfort Inc.
  • Sun In Comfort Ladies Comfort Furniture

  • "Patented Breast cavity area that expands to accommodate and support varying sizes."

Hootie Hammock Beach Chair Line

Designed by Woman for Women! But strong enough for a Man. by Sun In Comfort Inc.

Sun In Comfort Ladies Comfort Furniture

"Patented Breast cavity area that expands to accommodate and support varying sizes."

The Factory Direct of fine Outdoor Furniture 

The Hootie Hammock beach chair is designed for Women! But strong enough for a Man! The Sun In Comfort Ladies Comfort Furniture line is Ergonomically designed for ladies to lay face down while sun tanning or relaxing by the pool, beach, backyard in comfort! With our patented breast cavity area that expands and contracts to accommodate and support women's breast comfort. 

The Original Patented Designer of the expandable breast area design for Woman. We are a OEM- and a proud Woman Owned Business in Winter Park, Florida.

Our high-quality beach chair line is a dream come true for the ladies.


 Came from that Ah Ha moment when I no longer wanted to dig holes in the sand! With nothing to be found on the market to support my breast while laying in a prone position to tan my backside I became frustrated. 


Ladies Hootie Hammock is ergonomically design for ladies to lay face down in comfort. With the patented breast cavity that expand and contract to accommodate varying size women while laying in a prone position.


We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality product, we strive for excellence across our entire line. Our products are tested and manufactured to the strictest of guidelines to ensure we are always delivering a great product.  

When you want a more “luxurious” day at the beach the Hootie Hammock Ladies Comfort Lounger & Backpack Beach Chair is the way to go...

Testimonials Hear it from the Customers

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect!!! Absolutely love this chair. Perfect, comfortable and easy to carry and fold. I can’t wait to use this on the beach. Exactly what I was looking for.

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable beach chair Absolutely love this chair, it’s wider than most chairs and very comfortable. I love how I can flip over and lay on my stomach. It’s very sturdy and easy to use and carry on my back.

Donna R. Amazon Customer

Great Product Lots of features, my wife loves it!

Jonathan Cosby

5.0 out of 5 stars Very comfortable
comfort and size, very roomy

Amazon Customer

Its about time to see a Woman design a beach chair line for women. I have a beach lounger, But its not comfortable to lay face done on I need comfort for my Tata's. And I cant wait to get my Hootie Hammock beach lounger. 

Jennifer, Sun In Comfort Customer

I love the Hootie Hammock Sand Chair. I spoke with Beth at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. I pre ordered mine cant wait to use it.

Christina, Boat Show Customer

I met the owner of this company at a boat show in Florida. When I saw that a Woman designed a beach chair just for me! I feel in love and didn't want to get up from laying on the Sand Chair design. I Pre-Ordered mine on the spot and I cant wait to get it.  

Rebecca, Boat Show Customer

I Pre-Ordered my beach chair at a women's event in Orlando. When the owner was doing a demo & let me lay on the lounger. I new it was for me. This is the best concept beach chair design for women I ever ever seen. 

Susan, Sun In Comfort Customer

Beth thank you for making a beach chair that makes since. I mean there are all this regular standard beach chairs on the market and know we can have a chair just for women's comfort. Just for that I pre-ordered mine at the event.

Amber, Sun In Comfort Customer

Everyone Deserves a Day at the Beach…

And we hope SUN IN COMFORT LADIES COMFORT FURNITURE can make it the best day ever.

Check out our Beach Tote Bag Bags that slides over the back of our Beach Lounger Chair!

Our amazing Beach Tote Bag also slides over the back of most outdoor chairs.

Welcome To The Factory Direct Of Beach Totes

2021 Back Chair Bag & Sun In Comfort Inc. have joined FORCES  
AlsoOEM- a proud Woman Owned & Black Owned Business. We design High Quality Beach Totes that slip over the back of most outdoor chairs.



This bag exceeded my expectations!! It was so nice not to have to worry about sitting my bag on the ground and getting sand all over it! 100% would recommend this bag! 

Brandi B

This is just a beautiful and BIG (PERFECT) beach bag! I love the compartments. I'm so glad I found this shop. Fast ship and excellent communication with seller. Thank you! 

Jo Ann

Awesome bag. High quality and attention to detail. Large enough to carry everything you need. Multiple pockets on the outside. One large pocket on the back to be able to hang in on your chair.

Lori K

I received my nautical back chair bag and could not be more happier!!! This is going to be my favorite go to bag for sitting on the beach at the waters edge. The quality of the bag is beautiful! Extra sturdy handles and plenty of pocket inside and out. Order yours today, you will not be disappointed.

Lisa B

Great gift! PERFECT for social distancing at the beach or park. Lightweight, stylish and fun. Thank you for great customer service too.


Love the fun patterns and is a must to have!! It keeps your belongings off the ground and within arms reach. Love it 💗!

Annette F

I love this bag! It's perfect for holding all my work gear, even on heavy photography days where I need my camera equipment. Slides nicely over a beach chair or even a chair at the local coffee shop. I think I am going to order another one soon!

Kathleen B

This bag is the bomb! No more sandy totes and scattered junk!

Shandra A

This bag has replaced all the headaches and inconvenience trips back and forth to the beach house when you can't carry everything the 1st time. Bag is massive enough but light enough to carry all our needs in one trip. Best purchase ever!

Mark R

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