Designed for Women! But strong enough for a Man!

Beach Chair Line

The Original Patented Designer
The Factory Direct of fine Outdoor Furniture

Ergonomically designed for ladies to lay face down

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Our amazing Beach Tote Bag also slides over the back of most outdoor chairs

Back Chair Bag

slides over the back of our Beach Lounger Chair

Ergonomically designed

for ladies to lay face down in comfort.
Hootie Hammock Ladies Backpack Beach Sand Chair

When you want a more “luxurious” day at the beach

Ladies Comfort Lounger Beach Chair
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ladies comfort lounger beach
chair is the perfect addition
to your collection of beach
and pool furniture.
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Keep your beach day simple and stylish
with the Hootie Hammock beach chair line. Available in Pink & Blue colors, this lounge beach chair is built for both Comfort, Style & Strength!
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When you want a more “luxurious” day at the beach the Hootie Hammock Ladies Comfort Lounger & Backpack Beach Chair is the way to go...


Came from that Ah Ha moment when I no longer wanted to dig holes in the sand! With nothing to be found on the market to support my breast while laying in a prone position to tan my backside I became frustrated.

Check out the design


Ladies Hootie Hammock is ergonomically design for ladies to lay face down in comfort. With the patented breast cavity that expand and contract to accommodate varying size women while laying in a prone position.

Lay face down in comfort


We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality product, we strive for excellence across our entire line. Our products are tested and manufactured to the strictest of guidelines to ensure we are always delivering a great product. 

highest quality product

Sun In Comfort Ladies Comfort Furniture

The Original Patented Designer

of the expandable breast area design for Women's breast comfort. A Woman-Owned & Minority-Owned Florida Business.

A backpack for your beach chairs
and accessories

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Its been hard for all of us in this industry since Covid-19 hit in 2020. But we are staying strong! The 2021 shows are starting back up & you can join us at the next show.

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Pod Rocker with SunShade Beach Chair
A rocking beach chair with canopy
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Limited time
SunShade Captain’s Chair
A folding beach chair fit for a captain!
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Float Phone Dry Bag
Submerge under water for 1 hour at 10 meter depth
No longer worry about dropping your phone into the lake or ocean with the gecko brands float phone dry bag.
Fits nearly every phone
Along with your protective case and continue to fully use when protected inside.
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HI.  I just got my hootie hammock lounger in pink - love the color.   i had it shipped to my work.  Went into the president's office and closed the door to try it out.
I LOVE IT  I am so excited to lay in the sun and relax.  I couldn't believe how comfy it was.  the pillow is great and i cant get over the "mesh" part - now if they could make mattresses like this for sleeping at night LOL


I love Flamingos and when my friend told me about Sun In Comfort & they sell Flamingo stuff I needed to see for my self. So I eneded up get a few Flamingo items for this site must say very inpressed with the customer service and fast shipping.

Los Angeles, CA

5.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable beach chair Absolutely love this chair, it’s wider than most chairs and very comfortable. I love how I can flip over and lay on my stomach. It’s very sturdy and easy to use and carry on my back.

Donna R.
Tampa, FL

I love my Maui phone tote. Works great with my cell phone.

Orlando, FL

Received my 30L Dry Bag Cooler its the best cooler perfect size for going on my boat & a great price!

Key West, FL

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect!!! Absolutely love this chair. Perfect, comfortable and easy to carry and fold. I can’t wait to use this on the beach. Exactly what I was looking for.

Jill H
Melbourne, FL

Bought the Opticool Backpack Cooler - Flip Flop Toss. My wife loves it. She bought the other flip flop cooler as well.

Justin R
St. Pete, FL

I love dry bag coolers had my yeti cooler for few years but I wanted to get another one and saw this pattern at the Tampa Bay Outdoor Expo in the Raymond James Stadium home of the Super Bowl champs Anyways I loved the pattern when I saw it had to have it and must say it's the best dry bag cooler I have had! Thanks SIC for introducing me to this new brand. 

Tampa, Florida

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Portable solar power generator + Extra Battery that gives you reliable power for outdoor adventures, indoor use, and emergency situations.