Tucket Giller Red & White Deck Shoe Tucket Footwear
Tucket Giller Red & White Deck Shoe Tucket Footwear
Tucket Giller Red & White Deck Shoe Tucket Footwear

Tucket Giller Red & White Deck Shoe

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Red & White Deck Shoe We love nothing more than spending a day on the water.  Either at the dock or on our boats the Tucket team is always comfy and confident in the slip resistance of our shoes.  Wear them when you are cleaning,...

We recommend sizing down if you are a half-size.

Classic Loafer / Boat Shoe / Deck Shoe / Driver Shoe

  • We named our shoe The Giller because of the gills on the sides of the shoe. There are 12 gills to disperse water rapidly. These gills also serve as natural flex points for the shoe to enhance comfort when walking.
  • Unlike leather deck shoes, the Tucket Giller is designed to fully submerge in water and dry fast.
  • This shoe is made to wear sockless so you can walk in water.  Canvas or leather deck shoes will fill with water, become heavy, pull from your feet and take multiple days to fully dry.  Sandals will slip off your feet when walking through knee deep water.
  • Built in 24 drain holes with a unibody construction. This is the fastest draining and drying boat shoe available today.  It takes days for a canvas or leather deck shoe to dry.  The Tucket Giller drains instantly and can be dried with the simple wipe of towel.
  • Tucket has developed a unique patent pending outsole made up of multiple pods that readily channel large volumes of water. Each pod has a set of angled treads that are counter-angled to the next tread. This makes for superior grip no matter which direction your force demands. 
  • Slip Resistant. Boater tested and proven. This proprietary tread material has passed slip testing for occupational footwear.
  • EVA Footbed. This is the same material most athletic shoe brands use. This makes for superior comfort under foot and helps significantly reduce foot fatigue.
  • One shoe in size 11 weighs only 8.4 ounces.  Compared to a popular leather deck shoe which weighs 14 ounces.  Plus, wet or dry, the Tucket Giller does not change weight.  Once wet, a canvas or leather deck shoe will weigh significantly more.
  • Made in the USA!


  • Wash with mild soap and warm water.
  • Dries in Seconds. Just wipe off and wear. Even if you don't wipe it off it will dry very quickly, unlike canvas or leather deck shoes which will stay wet for days.
  • Odor Resistant. If you get a hint of an odor simply wash with mild soap and water.
  • Take caution when pulling on the shoe laces.  They are strictly for decoration and not designed to tighten the shoe.  Pulling up aggressively could damage your shoe.

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We love our Sunchill I purchased for the family from the Orlando boat show. Perfect for the family and our dog which never wants to get off the Sunchill. Thanks Sun In Comfort for the great customer service.

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I met Sun In Comfort at the Orlando boat show and I must say I was impressed with the unique products they offered. I picked up a Sunchill & a tumbler speaker which has amazing sound quality. 

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