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Resist the Squish!

Sun In Comfort Ladies Comfort Furniture is Ergonomically designed for ladies to lay face down while sun tanning or relaxing by the pool, beach, backyard in comfort! With our Patented Breast cavity area that expands and contracts to accommodate and support varying sizes. We are the Original Patented Designer of the expandable breast area design. 

Sun In Comfort Ladies Comfort Furniture is a proud Woman-Owned Manufacturing Business in Winter Park, Florida.

It all started about 10 years ago when I realized there needed to be a change! Growing up in Florida has made it easy for me to follow my true zodiac sign, Cancer aka the (crab)! So weekends filled with saltwater and sand under my toes was my perfect setting! My Happy Place. The beaches were lined with every color of umbrellas and matching beach chairs as far as the eye can see! Huge towels and blankets spread out on the sand for the families and sunbathers! The long summer days made it so simple to just catch a few rays even in the late afternoon! Countless days were spent on a beach chair or chaise lounge by the pool!

I discovered a real problem for myself as many other women might find also!
You see laying face down on my breast in those regular beach chairs or pool lounge chairs was very uncomfortable! I am a big busted girl so I thought maybe it was just me! So I set out to ask several of my girlfriends who are of every breast size you can imagine if they had a problem such as mine! They also stated how difficult it was to get comfy laying face down on the chairs that were on the market! Hey, we just want to tan our backsides~ So what is a girl to do besides digging holes in the sand while your at the beach!

That is how I have created a line just for the girls! So Resist the Squish!

Linger Longer while enjoying this outdoor line of chaise lounges & beach chairs & cushions! Designed for Women!

It's all about comfort!

Thank you,
Beth Griffin / Owner CEO


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